Docking Stations: What Does “Unavailable” Mean Anyway?

“What does ‘Unavailable’ mean anyway?” It’s a question we’ve heard endless times and, frankly, we agree with the sentiment. DSX™ Docking Stations are the most powerful and easiest means of calibrating and bump testing a gas detector, but the error messages have often left all of us wondering exactly what to do next. Not anymore. DSX v7.6 has been released and includes several improvements to error messaging. The... Read More

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, When all Through the Plant . . .

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, When all Through the Plant . . . ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the plant All the creatures were stirring, even the ants The Ventis Pros docked in their stations with care In hopes that their users soon would be there The workers tending to their duties and lines While holiday visions danced through their minds My boss in her hard hat and we in our boots Were called to check a gas leak up on the roof I put down the gingerbread man I was... Read More

Introducing iNet® Now – Worker Safety in Real Time

Gas detectors are great at what they do. They get workers’ attention when they’re in the presence of hazardous gas. They let workers know when to keep working and when to evacuate. What happens, however, when something goes wrong?  It could be a gas incident, a medical emergency, or an injury. Who will know that the worker is incapacitated? How will anyone know what the issue is and where the worker is in order to send help?... Read More

Industrial Scientific Welcomes New Owner, Fortive Corporation

Industrial Scientific is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement to become a Fortive Corporation operating company as a member of their Field Solutions platform. The new ownership will provide Industrial Scientific with additional capacity to accelerate the company’s vision of eliminating death on the job by the year 2050. Fortive (NYSE: FTV) is a public company that was a part of Danaher Corporation until July... Read More

Tango TX1 Update – Full of Exciting New Features

Single-gas users, rejoice! The Guaranteed for Life™ Tango TX1 now offers enhanced safety features that make owning and using the Tango easier than ever before. Take a tour of all the new features by watching our video series below.   What’s New in Tango TX1 Version 1.8?  Acknowledgeable Gas Alerts If you have workers in environments with frequent and expected gas exposures, you know they can easily become desensitized... Read More

Unveiling the Why Behind LENS™ Wireless Gas Detection

How many times in a work day do you find yourself trying to do your job without all of the necessary information? How often does that lack of information put your safety at risk? When it comes to working with traditional gas detectors, you are often left to guess what to do when an instrument starts beeping and flashing. Should you run toward an unidentified alarm to help a peer, or should you evacuate the area and call for... Read More

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