Calibration Gas CylindersCalibration gas is an important component in ensuring the proper performance of your gas monitors. Calibration gas ensures that your gas detector is functioning properly and responding to gas exposures as expected. Gas detection equipment should be bump tested daily and periodically calibrated to ensure the sensors in your gas detector are functioning properly.

Bump Testing

When bump testing, the sensors in your gas detectors are briefly exposed to an expected concentration of gas that is greater than the alarm set points. This test verifies that the sensors respond and the instrument alarms function as expected. However the bump test does not check the accuracy of the reading. Learn about our ultra-portable Bump-N-Go.


To verify that your gas detector is accurately reading gas exposures, it should be calibrated monthly. This helps to guard against normal wear and tear, sensor drift and gradual degredation that normally occur over time. A calibration check is performed by exposing the monitor to a certified concentration of gas for a particular time to verify that it provides an accurate reading. Learn about our Calibration Gas Autoreplenishment Program.

Why Use Industrial Scientific Calibration Gas?

Parhaiden tulosten saamiseksi kannattaa käyttää ainoastaan Industrial Scientificin kalibrointilaitteita mittalaitteiden säännölliseen kalibrointiin ja huoltoon. Kaikki Industrial Scientificin kalibrointisylinterit on valmistettu korkeimpien laatustandardien mukaan sisältäen NIST:n (National Institute of Standards and Technology, Yhdysvaltain kauppaministeriön kansallinen standardoinnin ja teknologian laitos) jäljitettävät sekoitustekniikat, kaikkien sylintereiden analyyttisen vuototestauksen, sertifioidut komponenttipitoisuudet sekä selkeästi merkityt eränumerot ja vanhenemispäivät. Vaihtosylintereitä on saatavana erikokoisina ja eri pitoisuuksilla kaikille Industrial Scientificin laitteilla mitattaville kaasuille.

Ota yhteyttä


The calibration gas cylinders supplied by Industrial Scientific Corporation are disposable. These cylinders are DOT – 39 or 2Q rated. This is the same classification used for home aerosol cans. This means that disposal may be performed by relieving the cylinder of any pressure and placing it in your waste disposal container. Check local regulations for compliance.

Some companies are required to dispose of these calibration cylinders as hazardous waste, either by company policies or by state regulations. If your company falls into this category, simply return the empty cylinders to Industrial Scientific.



Bump testing gas detectors before each day’s use is the only way to be sure that the sensors respond to gas. But if your team works on the go, they might not have access to a docking station or calibration gas to check their monitors. By the time they enter hazardous areas, they may not even realize something is wrong with the monitor, until it is too late. Your team needs a solution that goes where the work is, so they can test their gas detectors regardless of location. 

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